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Portugal just is not it? (laughs)

2017September 5th.

Today's Portugal
Angry spree
Is seafood brush Yoshimi

Really? why me?

Should I book lunch restaurant
What had the day off!

Yea what do you mean?
I went because it was 13 when closed.
To call the restaurant and says off.
People who answered the phone speak English, Portugal language.
But I don't know what I'm talking about
In the atmosphere
Not received the book today and closed.
Did I say

In the call to the subsidiary arrangements
(And Spain)
And make sure
"That's right!. I'm sorry what? "
If fringe how I ~ ~ ~ ~!
So they your lunch at the iKan (crying) that would

But not a day off.
In addition, this Monsanto village is too small
There is no restaurant group is put in the other
Not even book, even though I'm
It takes time, there is no help!

What not to do?
Yeah, drive in and I together
Considers the guests anyway back to the bus.

Walk from the restaurant to the bus about 10 minutes
I use the public toilet in the Middle
Go to the parking lot and there was no bus.

Phone drivers
Talking about the situation
I got coming soon
"Restaurant closed? Unheard of! "And
Drivers are also laugh www

In about an hour on the bus running
Went to the drive-in
Got eating favorite snacks (sandwiches and stuff)
Of course doesn't pay for me

Local arrangements Ltd.,And money!!

This village is Monsanto

Today it was not...

Hotel obidos.

This town's Óbidos

So go to the front of the hotel by bus
And then get off the bus in the parking lot of the town
10-min. walk to the hotel
It cobbled uphill...

Of course the suitcase
Do not think to bring the hotel!

Was not arranged.

Pull the sutzkersgalagara like this
No one should go your old!
Why not arrange?
But it is impossible (mad)

Negotiating with hotels
In a small car
Had gone to pick up the bus to

I of course hotel will arrange for billing the

Who will pay?
You know!
I feel the

I will not pay
From the customer pays!

I had not yet arranged tomorrow morning
Arranged freely (laughs)

I was going 2 days or so smoothly and
This is a Safty problems
I was going to end?

I have not justThe
Thank you very much in Portugal (lol)

I pray nothing happens anymore

By the way your
And not upset anyone
Riots are not going

In the comedy Oh, we already (laughs)

See you

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