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Port air show story

2017September, 3rd.

Portugal still 4 days it
Because I gotta be exhausted.
Y. Pen Yoshimi is (laughs)

Port air show yesterday.
I forgot to write
In practice, I was lucky that it

It were a production
Entering Porto city, it's absolutely impossible
Seems crowded with so many people today frightend of the production on the first day.

The article from the

"Red Bull Air Race World Championship 2017 Porto ", 9/2/2017(Soil)And 9/3(Day)For two days, will be held in Porto in Portugal. 2017 is the seventh game of the season.

Venue is the River Douro 2007-2009 season 3 season series being held in the city centre. Pylons are installed at the water, the city becomes a race track for high-speed low-altitude flight.

Red Bull Air race is by using a reciprocating single-engine race plane flying low-altitude course, compete for time. Mph is a harsh race 370 km, it takes up to 10 G, 14 pilots flying techniques to ensure the.

Equipment is one of the EDGE 540, MXS-r, CORVUS RACER 540, with each team AEIO-540-EXP engine manufactured by Lycoming Thunderbolt, Can be made by Hartzell 7690 composite materials 3 propeller has mandated.

◆ 2017 Convention schedule

-Round 1 Abu Dhabi (U.A.E.) (2 / 11)
-Second round San Diego (United States) (4/16)
-Third round Chiba (Japan) (6 / 04)
-Fourth round of Budapest (Hungary) (7 / 02)
And no. 5 against Kazan (Russia) (7/23)
No. 6 against Porto (Portugal) (9 / 03)
No. 7 race Lausitz link (Germany) (9/17)
And no. 8 against Indianapolis (United States) (10/15)

The battle of Porto
9On Oct. 15,
That will be broadcast on NHK BS1.

Muroya Yoshihide players won in the Japan game we played.

Muroya Yoshihide Player homepage is here.

So today in
No big deal
It was was close to normal 1 day

Famous beautiful stairs located in Bon Jesus Church in Braga's photos

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