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Porto of Portugal also trouble?

2017September 2nd.

To make your Elo
Today lost their means of livelihood in Portugal
Is seafood brush Yoshimi

Portugal is Portugal's second largest city day
Come to Porto.

飛beyo in the air!
So despite the distance by bus is moving endlessly from
It takes half a day
The first came to Portugal
Break in on the highway.
Downright dumb loooove it ~ ~ ~

Depart 8:30 Sintra

(↑ Palácio Nacional de Sintra in the morning)

Porto came
The trouble with you!

Roads are everywhere here are being blocked or not?
Lunch restaurant
Lowest elevation in Porto location
Located along the Douro River regardless of
Still it was only does not come up high altitude very near the Cathedral
Hey dude!
I thought, not in an empty airplane is spinning at?

Got me!
It's an air show!!

Your's just old and
Walk from here, go to the river?
But don't go in the bath...

In that not only go
Of walking while I referred to complain, or early
Time is another 13 o'clock
12:30 restaurant
Wont say
Goes on and on about 1 km walk down, somehow along the river

And the plane is jumping and tumbling

In the restaurant managed to eat
"Today I was lucky ~ ~ ~, could be seen! "
While it enhances...

Always heavy traffic in a car road
"I'm here is always a traffic jam! Photo copy today is nice and easy to.

I tunes or talk while
Climb the slope goes on and now it is (laughs)
With another laugh not!
While climbing back behind the
Show me the plane tumbling to
I wasn't born yesterday...

Our customers
Do not hurt anyone
Often, I was relieved...

Finally a nice itself is beautifully placed
And the lovely Church

Lovely tram up the show
Take a break now
Eating ice cream form
Is successfully finished

Was tired (laughs)

There were no problems tour
But never ever
Even in this...
"Thank you" chase me generation, it seems

See you
Talk about what will be next?
Please stay tuned
A ~ ~ ~ hairstyle (lol)

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